Ubuntu projects are different projects we realize in solidarity tourism. There are giving back to community projects related to education, protection of the environment, health and social assistance. For tourists coming for solidarity tourism, we organize missions for them according to the experience they want to have.

Education: We teach young people foreign languages: English, Italian. We encourage family members of our homestays to learn foreign languages to improve their communication with their guests. We also teach computer to young people.

Protection of the environment: This project consists of rehabilitating different tourist sites, planting trees, etc.

Health and society: Considering that mental health system is underdeveloped in the Great Lakes region when our communities have experienced a circle of violence with many consequences such as: genocide, death of people, epidemics, displacement of persons, sexual violence, HIV, poverty, humanitarian crisis, etc.; we organize activities for trauma healing and practice of mindfulness as inner resource to cope with difficulties in life. We also assist street children with food, clothes, etc. We have a project to assist pygmies.

Tell us which experience you want to have? The length of your stay. Which kind of project you want to support? How can you be of help…and we shall organize your mission to your convenience.